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G.M.G. Mobile Suit Gundam Zeon Public Army 04/05 Normal Suit Soldier, 06 Shara Azunable Figures


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"G.M. G. (Gundam Milita Generation) is the appearance of the third-awaited third. The third is the "infiltration work" to the theme of the normal suit male soldier and female soldiers, And G.M. G. As the first specific character of "Shara Aznable" as the first specific character lineup. "06 Shara Azunable" is a colored finished product. The total height is 10 cm (about 1/18 scale). Optional parts are attached to Navan 62 Type Mist and White Battle Battle, Cup, Cup, Memo, Memo, and Change Head. "04 Normal Suit Soldier" is a colored finished product. A small-fat male soldier at about 10 cm (about 1/18 scale). Optional parts are supported by Navan 62 Type Mist, Bazooka, Harness, Replacement Head, etc. "05 Normal Suit Soldier" is a colored finished product. A female soldier of about 10 cm (about 1/18 scale). Optional parts are supplied with navan 62 stand gun and white soldier warfare, non-reaction rifles, landmovers, harnesses, replacement heads, etc. Diojeon Public Army General soldier 04,05, 3 Buy 3 of Shara Azunables A bonus part that can be reproduced by the scene that the squeegee commanded by the Sher infiltrates the federal base. Shera has six timed bombs and bombs cases, rocks, and two parts consolidated Hashigo. 04 Normal Suit soldier has a "lift jet, laptop, an attouch case". 05 Normal Suit soldier comes with "food set, cooler box, wire, hook". G.M. G.G..g. Since other soldiers (sold separately) optionals are also available, you can reproduce an original sense of soldiers and scenes as you collect.

Safety Warning: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 16 years old.