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BB Warrior LEGENDBB Gundam Base Limited General Asuka Tori Clear Color [JULY 2022]


Worldwide Shipping from Japan


Limited Gunpla of the official Gunpla comprehensive facility "Gundam Base" for Gunpla fans around the world

Appeared in the Gundam Base Online Shop as the "Best Selection"!

"BB Warrior LEGENDBB Asuka Tori Daishogun", which has the strongest power of all time, is now available in a silver-plated increase and clear color limited to Gundam Base! !!

-As a Gundam base limited item, a battle mask <Battle Mask> with the same shape as his father, General Shinsei, and a silver-plated Kohoken are included!

* The battle mask <Battle Mask> cannot be attached to the LEGEND BB New World General (sold separately).

● Gold plating is used throughout the body, including helmets, placket, armor, wings, ankles, and cannons. The sword and toenails are also plated to increase the amount of plating!

The two flaming wings, the magic flash wing <Mach Beam Wing>, are color-coded with two clear parts. Furthermore, super luxurious specifications that express the glittering wings with glitter!

● Jewel seal is used for the jewel of the demon in the phoenix of the helmet and the large phantom stone on the shoulder. A prism seal is used for the phoenix mirror of the shoulder armor to reproduce luxurious armor!

-A flash crystal <Beam Crystal> of the BB Warrior Seven Super General Series (sold separately) can be attached to the silver-plated Demon Hachikoken!

Attached armament: Demon Hachikoken / Retsusen Phoenix Maru / Phoenix Gunbai / Battle Mask <Battle Mask> / Kohoken

Safety Warning: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 16 years old.